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Bitbuckler for Desktops
Download Bitbuckler for your Desktop for free.
Windows version available now, Mac and Linux versions coming soon

Secure File Encryption for your Favorite Cloud

Bitbuckler offers File Encryption for cloud storages such as Dropbox, Google Drive™ or OneDrive. You will see all of your encrypted files in our filemanager, on which ever connected cloud storage you stored them. Is your preferred cloud storage unavailable in Bitbuckler? We are able to connect arbitrary network storages for you.

... GoogleDrive and OneDrive available soon

Effortlessly Secure and Share in the Cloud

Using Bitbuckler is as easy as pie. Encrypt and share your messages, pictures and files with just two clicks. Only You decide who may access your private data. Bitbuckler conveniently and securely handles data encryption and key managememt for you on your local device and enforces security of your data in the cloud.

App Integration with Bitbuckler'S Cryptography SDK

Bitbuckler's Cryptography SDK enables you to easily integrate key management and the encrypted storage of data in the cloud into your desktop-, web-, cloud- or mobile-applications.
Such integration apps exist for the encrypted storage of documents from Microsoft Office in the cloud. The app can be downloaded from within the Bitbuckler application (Under: Manage -> Manaege Apps).

For more information on app integration with the SDK please contact us!

Seamless integration on all of your devices

Bitbuckler data encryption is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Apps for Android and iPhone are currently in development.

       ... Mac and Linux Version comming soon

Works with endless web applications

Yammer, Gmail, or Evernote - Bitbuckler works with all of your favourote web applications. It integrates seemlessly with your webbrowser and the social networks, e-mail services and other applications you view with it.


Secured by top-notch cryptography

Bitbuckler offers full end-to-end encryption. It only uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256 Bit) with real keys to secure your data. This is far more powerfull than password encryption. AES is a high security standard recommended by many security-minded organizations such as NIST.

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